Regina Welcomes You to Her World of Herbals!

Having worked in healthcare for nearly 40 years, I realize how intimidating something new can be... especially lifestyle changes. With this in mind I decided to create a place where literally anyone, regardless of knowledge base, could research what they need.

I want you to be comfortable here and allow me the honor of meeting your needs.

Many visiting here are well versed in herbs, know their value to a healthy lifestyle, and have experience in preparation and usage.... just as many will not.

For those preferring an educationally based search, individual herb descriptions are provided to assist you, simply click on the name of the herb or formula you are viewing.

Desiring more guidance and/or are new to Alternative Wellness Care? I am available to answer inquires as well as brief consultations. Simply click on Contact Us! and send me your questions.

****Please Note: With the exception of Educational Courses; On-Line orders are NOT currently available due to construction of the new shop near La Grange, Kentucky. ****